Texas Sparkle
More Bling, Less Bucks

Wayne & Lynn Kidwell the owners of Texas Sparkle Jewelry live in Central Texas near Lake Granbury. Wayne is a native Texan and Lynn a native of Hawaii has been in the Fashion Jewelry Business for almost 10 years. After retiring early and traveling for several years, they are looking for a new and fun way to travel hoping to make a living at the project. The accident started out by accident. They saw a man selling Jewelry Cleaner at a mall in Branson, MO and Wayne thought he would like to give it a try. Enjoying the interaction with customers and the ability to make money at almost any location they chose to expand to other projects such as adding watches, some Fine Jewelry then Fashion Jewelry. On a sales trip for about 3 months in California, Iowa, Las Vegas Wayne got pneumonia and was forced to turn in Nebraska for home. As he drove along across Americas Heartland with 104 degree fever it occurred to him that having Wholesale Company might be the answer. With a lot of help from friends & customers they were able to turn Texas Sparkle into Wholesale Company.

Wayne & Lynn still do a lot of shows…as many as 40 shows in one year! You will see them at shows all over the U.S. From Dallas to Maryland to Atlanta, Phoenix and anywhere that seems exciting and fun to them both!

Their philosophy is to give our customers the best possible service possible. They continue to bring in New Jewelry every month making the website a constant growing catalog our customers can use. Our Wholesale customers sign up for a preferred buyers code for when they are needing to order & when they want to show it to their customers they then log out and the customers sees only the FULL Retail Price. For more information click the "contact us" & begin your Texas Sparkle Jewelry Business Today!